MTB Champion Kate Courtney Talks Concussions and MIPS Technology

This short video explores the mind and motivation of Kate Courtney —mountain bike XC World Champion, World Cup winner, and MIPS athlete.

“So much in sport (and life) comes down to a matter of mindset,” reveals Kate Courtney in this new video. “Excited to share this video with MIPS highlighting the mental side of racing and bringing attention to concussion education.”

The video traces Courtney’s motivation, mindset, and what it takes to be a World Champion cross-country mountain biker. Courtney is honest that it’s not always easy, but hard work is worth it.

“MIPS is leading the charge in scientific research that will help us better understand head injuries and make a real difference in how we talk about and approach brain protection for athletes in action sports,” says Courtney of her sponsorship with MIPS.

“By joining forces with Team MIPS, I hope to help close that educational gap a bit and at the same time inspire more people to get out there and share my passion for riding.”

Runtime: 2 minutes

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