Watch: Vittorio Brumotti Shows Off Urban Stunts on a Serial 1 E-Bike

For those who believe e-bikes can’t pull off the same stunts as their unpowered cousins, Vittorio Brumotti has a little video for you.

The latest video from Serial 1 sees pro cyclist Vittorio Brumotti testing the limits of the company’s newest e-bike. Brumotti takes the MOSH/CTY model to a fishing jetty, a city plaza, a skate park, and then — of course — over the arc of a bridge.

Aware of the possible ongoing bias against e-bikes, Serial 1 wrote that Brumotti “shuts down the haters and shows just how fast, fun and capable our MOSH/CTY model really is.”

Maybe. Whether it’s an e-bike or fixed gear, these stunts will have you rushing out the door with whatever two-wheeled vehicle you can find.

Runtime: 2.5 minutes

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