Light-Up Bike Lock: Be Seen, Stay Secured

You can wear this bike lock around your chest like a bandolier, and it lights up with flashing LEDs for night-riding safety.

vivid bike lock 1

The Vivid Bike Lock is made with two fiber-core steel cables connected by flexible, water resistant 1000D nylon, clear PVC, and waterproof LED strips. The cable secures bikes to objects with a combination lock.

vivid lock

At night, riders press a button to turn on the lighted LED string for either a pulsing or solid glow with multiple brightness settings. It is protected under a clear, water resistant PVC strip. The controller cannot be removed from the strap.


The company claims the lock will shine light for 70 hours on steady mode. It also has a reflective backing for extra visibility.

We’ve not tested the Vivid for comfort, brightness or security, but it’s a cool idea. If you’re willing to take a risk on a new product, the lighted lock system is available for $120 (less if you’re quick) on Kickstarter.

Sean McCoy

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