Dagger Axis Kayaks

The indecisive paddler will love the Dagger Axis kayak series — as it can’t make up its mind either. Is it an open-water boat or a moving-water kayak? Dagger claims it’s both. The well-known kayak company produced a kayak that has, among other features, an adjustable-height skeg to help tracking for the open water, and a whitewater-inspired seat and optional cabin equipment for performance in rapids and moving water.

Dagger Axis, 12-foot model

The Axis comes in a 10.5-foot and 12-foot option and has both front and rear storage for short excursions and long paddles. With an adjustable-height skeg, paddlers can track straight on open water. Retract the rudder and you can head into moving water where you need to spin and turn on a dime. The multiple-personality disorder comes into play with its optional thigh braces, spray skirt and a whitewater-inspired hull. The 10.5-foot boat, with a max capacity of 300 pounds for person and cargo, weighs about 45 pounds. That’s just three pounds lighter than its 12-foot-long larger brother, which can carry up to 350 pounds. Both come in a variety of colors. Available in September for $795 or $895, depending on size. www.dagger.com

—Ryan Dionne

Stephen Regenold

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