Teaser: US Team Attempts Grand Canyon Rafting Record

In January, the USA Rafting team attempted to shoot the canyon in a custom rig built to break a speed record. A documentary about the effort hits the screen in March.

The eight-man team had lofty goals: Paddle the 277-mile Grand Canyon along the Colorado River in 34 hours. That meant no stopping and no sleeping, just a monumental effort and a custom, 48-foot cataraft.

grand canyon speed record raft
Speed Record Attempt Of Grand Canyon In Custom Boat

A giant, custom-made raft was piloted down the Grand Canyon last week. Its crew pushed for more than 39 hours straight set on breaking a record. Read more…

The impressive attempt was captured on film and will be screened exclusively at select REI locations and breweries ahead of a wider March 13 release.

It’s free to attend the screenings, which will have food, drinks, and raffles. All proceeds go to American Rivers. Check the dates and locations below for a screening near you.

  • Friday, March 3: REI Seattle
  • Tuesday, March 7: REI Washington D.C.
  • Wednesday, March 8: SweetWater Brewery, Atlanta
  • Thursday, March 9: REI Bloomington, Minn.
  • Thursday, March 9: REI Denver