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The Wood-Fired Hot Tub That’s Also A Boat

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[leadin]It’s a wood-fired hot tub, and it also floats. What’s not to love?[/leadin]


The HotTug is one of the more awesome inventions we’ve seen in a while.

It seats six to eight people, and heats the water up to 101 degrees F with a wood stove onboard. It sails quietly with an integrated 2.4 KW MinnKota engine, and it can also accommodate an outboard engine if you’ve really got somewhere to be.

Floating Hot Tub Boat

With a top speed of about 3mph when full of 475 gallons of water, you won’t set any speed records. But who cares? You’re already in a hot tub!

A wood stove in the front of the boat heats the water up to more than 100 degrees in about 2.5 hours. All it takes is a small fire built with normal logs.


The boat/tub is made from wood with common fiberglass overlay construction. This popular method for homemade boats may inspire some do-it-yourself builders to consider one of these as a backyard project.

But for most people, purchasing a pre-made HotTug would make a LOT more sense. And good news — the product, originally launched in Europe in 2012, is now available in the United States.


While it’s probably not a practical item for most people, you can rent one in Rotterdam, London, Zürich or Copenhagen. The experience of hot-tubbing your way through an iconic city might alone be worth a trip.

For more information, check out the brand’s site, where you can find addresses and contacts for both rentals and purchase in Europe and the USA.

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