Nouria Nouman in blue kayak going down massive waterfall
Photo credit: David Arnaud/Red Bull Content Pool

Extreme Kayaking: Nouria Newman Could Be the GOAT

Nouria Newman traveled to Iceland in search of some of the wildest drops. Her skills — and style — put most kayakers to shame.

Travel to the wilds of Iceland with French extreme kayak World Champion Nouria Newman.

“From unpredictable weather to other unforeseen events, kayaker Nouria Newman recounts how a trip to Iceland brought home the harsh realities of her sport,” Red Bull teases.

Everyone in the kayak world knows Nouria Newman. But if you don’t know her, she’s worth looking into. And definitely worth watching.

Her style and expert level of kayaking are captivating, evident as she slides over massive volcanic waterfall drops in this “Extreme Kayaking” Red Bull film. But just because she takes part in an extreme sport doesn’t mean everything about it is extreme.

“What you forget is that before jumping into a fall, you are very calm, sometimes even meditating, and you analyze each risk. This is something that breaks with the representation of our sport,” Newman said. “I think it’s important to deconstruct this image of kayaking. Otherwise, the public just thinks we’re oblivious to the risks.”

Read more about Newman’s trip to Iceland here.

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