Kayakers Strike ‘White Gold’ on South Fork Clearwater in Idaho

These whitewater pros defy the laws of gravity with insane kickflips and cartwheels — and a perfect hip-hop soundtrack.

Northwest River Supplies (NRS) calls the kayakers in its latest vid “the next generation of paddling legends.”

After watching this brisk little video, we’re not about to argue. With no goal except having a good time, these kayakers show off their skills with laps on Idaho’s South Fork Clearwater River.

Their aerial displays will either make you grab the nearest paddle or run away in terror. The team includes paddlers Galen Volckhausen, Owen Doyle, Hayden Voorhees, Driscoll Larrow, Todd Wells, and Alec Voorhees.

Also, kudos to Curtis Cole’s “Speck of Dust,” a cool-as-hell hip-hop tune that perfectly reflects the badassery on display.

Runtime: 3 minutes

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