Watch Kayaker Wade Through River of Trash in Sydney, Australia

An adventurous kayaker takes a trip down Sydney, Australia’s Cooks River to showcase the terrible pollution afflicting the waterway.

As a successful YouTuber, Beau Miles has earned a reputation for pursuing creative, outside-the-box adventures. That includes running a marathon through farmland dressed as a train engineer.

But for his latest adventure, Beau decided to kayak the “sickest” river in Australia. Not sick as in cool or awesome, but literally sick, as the river is filled with trash and pollution.

“In my little red kayak I decided to trace all 23km of the Cooks River,” Miles wrote in the video description. “This is a journey of ill-health, sadness and hope; putting a test to the local saying, ‘if you fall in, you’ll dissolve.'”

The video has racked up almost 900,000 views in just over a week for a reason. It’s truly eye-opening.

Runtime: 23.5 minutes

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