Wildlife and Wild Waves in West Ozzie: Kelly Slater’s ‘Lost Tapes’ Rips

‘What would you do if you could make a documentary about your life?’ Now we know the most famous man in pro surfing would give butterfly kisses to an Australian rodent.

What’s a “quokka shaka”? I didn’t think I’d ever find myself asking either, but it turns out a quokka is a short-tailed scrub wallaby. A quokka shaka, then, is the familiar hand signal surf shredders like Kelly Slater use to greet the cute Australian bush critters — right before demolishing gorgeous surf at The Box, a reef break in Western Australia.

“The Lost Tapes” follows the legendary World Surf League (WSL) champ all over the world as he surfs for the same reason the rest of us do — to enjoy it.

Check out episode 4, “Out of the Box,” and stay tuned to the WSL’s YouTube channel for more.

Runtime: 20 minutes

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