Ice Ahoy! Tow-Behind Cooler Follows Your Boat

The CreekKooler is a floating cooler… shaped like a little boat.

Pull-behind CreekKooler

It looks like a mini kayak. But unscrew the lid and you’re greeted by ice, drinks, or food in a 30-quart chamber made to keep things cold.

The CreekKooler “navigates behind your kayak or canoe” and gives quick access to beverages, food and ice. The company, based in Arkansas, uses blow-molded construction to create the hull.

Pull-Behind Kayak Cooler

Foam insulation in the hull keeps goods cold. It’s big enough to hold 30 cans and 20 pounds of ice, making the towable buddy good for a day on a lazy river.

Find drink holders on the top deck. There’s no spray skirt, but a lid screws onto the main hatch, making a water-tight seal.

Cut-away: Thick foam insulation between hull walls
Cut-away: Thick foam insulation between hull walls

The unit measures about 40 x 21 X 12 inches and has a mini flag holder if you need to add a pirate banner or other flair.

First Impression: CreekKooler

We saw the CreekKooler at the Outdoor Retailer trade show in person last week. The unit is solid, if a bit comical, at first impression. Its symmetrical hull looks capable of following a boat through rapids or flat water.

The cooler is made in the USA and has a one-year guarantee on workmanship and manufacturing defects. It costs $180 at

Reinforced hull can be pulled over sand
Made to drag: Reinforced hull can be pulled over sand

Off the water it can sit on a table or next to a grill. It functions as a normal cooler (and a fun conversation piece, to be sure).

It has a hull with skids and can also be pulled across the sand (see above), alleviating a CreekKooler owner from hauling an awkward, icy cache.

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