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SealLine 115L Boundary Dry Pack Review: The Megamouth of Dry Bags That Literally Swallows Gear

If you need a big dry bag for an overnight trip, look no further than the SealLine 115L Boundary Pack. There's more space than I knew what to do with and a plethora of colors to choose from, making the Boundary clearly visible in any kind of weather.

SealLine Boundary Dry Pack(Photo/Sean Jansen)
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When planning my long standup paddle expedition down the Baja Peninsula, I didn’t even think twice about whether I needed this bag for the trip. The Boundary Pack literally swallows gear and is rugged enough to handle all the conditions Mother Nature throws at it.

In short: The SealLine 115L Boundary Pack has already accompanied me for nearly 400 miles of paddling every day in the Baja desert sun and wind-whipped waves, without even showing a scratch (with one exception). I made the mistake of leaving an open food container inside the bag overnight and a vermin chewed a hole into it. Aside from very sharp, scissor-like teeth from a clever mouse, the rocks, sand, cacti, and rough waters haven’t even come close to penetrating this durable dry bag.

SealLine 115L Boundary Dry Bag Pack


  • Materials 1,000 denier, 18.5 oz. vinyl-coated polyester; 1,000 denier, 30 oz. vinyl-coated polyester (bottom)
  • Volume 115 L
  • Weight 4 lbs. 2 oz.
  • Dimensions (full) 12.5" x 18.5" x 30"
  • Seams Welded
  • Waterproof Yes
  • Straps Padded and removable
  • Colors available 3


  • Large volume
  • Durable
  • Shoulder strap and hip belt system works well
  • Made in the USA


  • Pricey

SealLine 115L Boundary Pack Review

First Impressions

SealLine Boundary Dry Pack 115 liters
(Photo/Sean Jansen)

When I first opened the package, I saw how little it can be folded into place when stowed — an immediate bonus I’d never thought of. Because at 115 L of space, it’s nice to know that the pack can squeeze down in size for storage. But upon unfolding and opening it up, this megamouth shark of dry packs revealed itself. My quick glance at my kit spread across the entire floor with a look back to the dry pack made me chuckle at why I even doubted its capacity.

Full disclosure, this isn’t the first Boundary Pack of my life. I’ve actually owned three: one which I loaned to a friend after a paddle in Yellowstone and never saw again, one in my dad’s possession for his raft trips, and now this one (mine!). I love that SealLine hasn’t really changed anything in its design, aside from the color.

Simplicity is the name of the game. The same durable and rugged 100% waterproof materials (1,000-denier vinyl-coated polyester), welded seams, and the DrySeal roll-top closure mean no kind of moisture can threaten your gear.

Straps and Closures Set the Boundary Apart

An extremely well-done padded shoulder strap system with a hip belt makes this pack, especially when fully loaded, a breeze to carry and unload. Throw it over your shoulder for beach landings or even shoulder it when loading onto buses, boats, planes, or any type of transportation — with comfort. One huge difference between the leading 100L+ dry bags from NRS, in comparison, is the hip belt on the SealLine. (NRS’ 110L Bill’s Bag also has a removable and padded shoulder harness system, and a roll-top design with side compression straps.) But, there’s slightly less volume, and the harness system is slightly less durable in comparison.

The roll top has a DrySeal design to keep your kit dry; it’s composed of two simple locking closures. One is a buckle system down the side of the pack with a compression strap to maximize tightness and storage, and another is a top buckle to secure the front compartment and ensure the roll top stays intact.

Boundary Pack Downfalls

It’s tough for me to even think of any complaints I have with this system, technically at least. If I had to name one con, it’d be the price at $210 ($20-$80 more than the competition) — a bit of a gasp considering the simplicity. But the brand’s long-lasting history and notoriety of keeping gear dry no matter the conditions — and my own experience with Boundary packs — leads me to believe that SealLine has built one of the largest and best dry bags on the market that I know of. And therefore, it can charge what it likes.

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SealLine 115L Boundary Pack
(Photo/Sean Jansen)

Stuff in your gear, roll it up, and enjoy. Simply put, this monster of a dry bag is something anyone attempting a major expedition should have in their kit. No one ever complained about having too much space, and even if you don’t need all 115 L, you can roll down and cinch up any spare room. And, no matter how much volume you end up using, the strap system is super comfortable.

As far as I am concerned, this is the ultimate expedition dry bag. No on-water trip should be considered without one.

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