Slalom Waterskier Carves on a Perfect Mirror in 4K: Watch

Ever watch a waterskier cut glass? This is an entirely different thing.

GoPro made its presence felt over the weekend with a new crystal-clear clip from a GoPro Awards winner.

The short video’s title contains everything you need to know about its contents: “Slalom Waterskiing on Perfect Glass” is exactly that, in 4K POV. Watch skier Travis Fisher carve S-curve after S-curve in the crystalline surface from a perspective that alternates between his own and the tip of his ski — facing straight back toward him.

Fisher is a GoPro Million Dollar Challenge award recipient. Along with the mantle, he got an equal share of the $1,000,000 GoPro put up for grabs to a select group of winners.

Candidly speaking, you could be the next Fisher if you’ve got a firm grasp on waterskiing — but finding conditions as pristine as the ones in the video might be another story.

Runtime: 1 minute, 14 seconds

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