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Attention, Boaters: Soul Reveals SuperSkipper and SuperSkip RR Whitewater Kayaks

Whitewater kayak design is always evolving. Corran Addison has been at its forefront for decades. Will his latest designs change the industry as much as some of his other designs have?

Soul Waterman SuperSkipper(Photo/Soul Waterman)
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Corran Addison has been an innovator in the paddlesports industry for nearly 4 decades now. His latest company, Soul Waterman, continues to pump out unique whitewater kayaks that push boat design forward. Today, two very similar boats were introduced: the SuperSkipper and SuperSkip RR.

These whitewater boats are designed to take care of you on the river, making it easier to get out of holes that you end up in. And more importantly, making it easier to stay out of those hydraulics in the first place. They aim to accomplish that by skipping over holes with speed.

Soul Waterman shares that “the SuperSkipper and SuperSkip RR are designed to be used as a pair. Like a golfer with a bag of clubs. Two boats that paddle almost exactly alike, so you can bounce seamlessly from one to the other depending on the days conditions with no adaptation period. One to keep you alive no matter what the river is throwing at you, and one to make those step-down runs more sporty and interesting. Like two wings of the same bird.”

Is this a new era in whitewater kayak quivers? I, for one, have seven different whitewater-specific kayaks in my current personal quiver, but none are as similar to each other as these two.

SuperSkipper Hype Video

First up, check out this Soul SuperSkipper hype reel. This boat shown in the video is a composite prototype, with tail volume that is slightly more than the final version of the SuperSkip RR.

Soul Kayak Design

Addison has been keeping the development of these boats under wraps for 3 years now. There are a few design elements that make these boats unique, but the overall package is what should set them apart from the competition. Whitewater kayak design is all about nuance, and that is hard to convey in marketing many times.

The key design elements of these new boats, according to Addison, are the curve of the bow deck matching the bow rocker, the tail rocker break — directly under the seat — and its straight line to the tail, and the lower volume ends compared to the central volume.

The Designer’s Take

It’s best to hear it straight from the designer’s mouth. Here’s Corran Addison explaining the SuperSkipper and SuperSkip RR:

I also had a chat with Addison about these new kayaks and thought I’d share a few of his quotes from our discussion.

“I’ve never ever seen a boat that can consistently pencil in at 70-80 degrees and rocket forwards out of the base. This does.”

“This isn’t a half-slice,” he said when talking about the SuperSkip RR. “You’re not going to be stern stalling this thing. It’s designed to pivot quickly and precisely, and then eject you on your way.”

“The pairing of these two boats in your quiver gives you a completely new way to approach your river run. Two boats that handle almost identically, but one you’d paddle like a half slice (with creek rockers) and one a full-fat creek, and other than being able to pivot the tail, be in the same feeling boat. This gives you a familiarity that’s unprecedented, making your day more predictable and safer, but at the same time allows you to pick the best tool for the day’s task.”

Soul Skipper Boat Specs

Soul SuperSkipper

Soul Waterman SuperSkipper
(Photo/Soul Waterman)
  • Length/Width: 9′ L, 27″ W
  • Volume: 92 gal.
  • Rocker: 19″ nose, 11″ tail

Soul SuperSkip RR

Soul Waterman SuperSkip RR
(Photo/Soul Waterman)
  • Length/Width: 8’11” L, 26.75″ W
  • Volume: 84 gal.
  • Rocker: 18.5″ Nnse, 10″ tail

Soul Pricing & Availability

These new kayaks are $1,900 each. First deliveries to North America are expected by the end of April 2024, but you’ll want to order soon to get one. You can do so through the Soul Waterman website.

Soul is offering a special introductory offer as well. Buy both versions before Dec. 15, 2023, and be one of the first 25 to order, and you’ll get the second boat for half price. So, you essentially get a 25% discount on both boats if you order at the same time … provided you get your order in fast.

If you are looking for on-market comparisons, so are we (these boats just dropped). I’m not sure there is a ton of value in this comparison video, but it is fun to watch the new Soul boat head-to-head with other boats on the same drop.

All in all, I for one am itching to try these new boats on the water. Hopefully, we can bring you a full review later this spring.

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