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Budget Brand iROCKER Dives Into Ultralight SUPs: All Around 10′ Ultra Series Paddleboard Review

We tested iROCKER’s new paddleboard model, which debuted online this weekend. Here’s the verdict on the brand’s first ultralight paddleboard.

Florida-based iROCKER brand is known for its wide and stable, beginner-friendly, budget-friendly paddleboards. This weekend, it broke into a new category — bringing its first ultralight board (under 20 pounds) to market.

We were excited to test this paddleboard given that the iROCKER brand makes tons of great boards, but nothing close to lightweight. On par with many other boards on the market, iROCKER’s current boards weigh 24-26 pounds. Add in a bulky, wheeled bag, paddle, pump, and accessories, and that’s a lot of weight to shoulder.

iROCKER’s new Ultra Series should remedy that in a big way.

In short: The new Ultra Series takes iROCKER up a level as a brand — not just as a maker of SUPs, but also as a brand that takes heavy feedback from users and listens. iROCKER’s Ultra Series paddleboards (which come in an All Around 10′ and 11′, as well as the wider Cruiser model) lead with big design changes to the materials, deck pad, design, and configuration — and, most of all, weight and packability. The All Around Ultra Series 10′ isn’t just light but is also 50% smaller, packed down in a redesigned carry bag.

Ultra Series All Around 10′ SUP Review


  • Materials: Woven drop-stitch, split EVA deck pad
  • Includes: Twin 9-inch fin setup, 10-foot leash, 2 bungee storage sections
  • Paddle: Five-piece carbon shaft with nylon blade
  • Verified paddle weight: 1.8 lbs.
  • Pump: Electric 12V
  • Paddleboard dimensions: 10′ x 32″ x 6″
  • Verified board weight: 17.6 lbs.
  • Price: $699 on sale ($849 MSRP)

I’ll start the review in order of my interactions with the Ultra board: setup, use on the water, and then packing up.

irocker ultra board inflating
Inflating the iROCKER Ultra with an electric pump; (photo/Mary Murphy)

The board arrived in the mail even smaller than I thought. Overall, the setup was easy and user-friendly. Probably the biggest learning curve for some SUP users is that there’s no manual pump.

Those are large, bulky, and not everyone’s first choice. Plus, it would make the Ultra SUP package less packable.

Thankfully, there are instructions for the included 12V electric pump if you aren’t familiar with how to use one. Basically, plug into a 12V outlet or AV port (like in a car, truck, or RV), choose the correct setting for the board’s PSI, and you’re set. Mine probably took less than 10 minutes to inflate.

You may be thinking what I thought — if iROCKER wanted to make a lightweight board for people to take off-grid or hike with, why choose a pump that requires being near an outlet? I thought about it and decided that at most campsites, boat docks, etc. — even if you are going off-grid — you are near your vehicle.

Also helpful, the electric pump works via battery, so if you were traveling or hiking a ways, you could bring a portable power source to connect to. Or, you could bring a manual pump along instead.

iROCKER Ultra Series SUP in Testing

On to how this board performs in the water. I noticed that the iROCKER All Around Ultra 10′ had great maneuverability and pretty great speed right off the bat. But I’d say it’s only OK when it comes to stability. The board recommends inflating to 12-16 PSI, but we recommend at least 15-16 PSI when pumping up this board.

I usually paddle on a 10’6″ or 11-foot SUP, but this board was fairly easy to get used to. The paddle height was also fine — easily adjustable to my height or someone taller.

And the brand didn’t compromise on storage on deck, which I love. The bungee tie-downs, D-rings, and mounts are all awesome.

irocker ultra series paddleboard and paddle in water

I tested the new iROCKER Ultra series the weekend it launched, paddling on two different lakes around a Colorado state park. Conditions were nice, and the wind was mild at 5-10 mph.

I estimated I paddled about 3 miles — not the longest paddle, but plenty enough to test the board’s stability, tracking, and speed in various waters.

Like other highly packable SUPs out there, the design of this board is key. iROCKER offset the valve, and also the center grab handle. Finally, the deck pad is split down the center, so that the board is able to fold in half.

Our verdict? There’s enough room on the deck pad to adjust your stance, and plenty to move around length-wise. The grab handle on one side isn’t in the way, especially if you are balanced correctly on the board — that’s not to say I didn’t step on it a few times, though.

The carbon paddle was light, the T-grip was comfortable, and the blade end worked well. I do wish the brand had added height/cm guidelines on the paddle, which is convenient when you are sharing the SUP with two people and may want to adjust the height.

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Lightweight, Ultrapackable

On a preview call with iROCKER, the brand told us the Ultra board would be around 19 pounds (the 10′ model). Well, we weighed ours on a digital scale and it came out at just 17.6 pounds! That’s an impressive weight for any length paddleboard.

irocker ultralight sup in. carrying bag

Looking at iROCKER’s former SUP packages (board, paddle, pump, and bag), the difference here is night and day. And the paddle bag for the Ultra Series is awesome. Small, good configuration, sturdy, plenty of grab handles, pockets, and extra room! Oh, and it’s comfortable to wear.

Given this was my first time unrolling and repacking the new SUP, I expected some stiffness and creases. But the board still easily fit back into the carry bag, with plenty of room to spare.

The carry bag has two full-length zips, a roll-top design, pockets, and tons of storage. I carried a small dry bag, wallet, keys, repair kit, gloves, snack, water bottle, and sunscreen inside the bag on my first day out. Maybe my favorite part (after the small size, of course) is the chest strap and padded shoulder straps, which make this SUP bag pretty comfortable to carry.

Here is how the paddleboard looks packed up.

iROCKER paddleboard rolled up for storage

Now, not a con for myself, but possibly a con for others: the weight capacity on this lighter board is 260 pounds. If you are considering paddling with a dog, child, or friend, the All Around 11′ Ultra Series can hold up to 290 pounds. For reference, the standard iROCKER All Around boards can hold up to 370 pounds.

The weight versus weight capacity is always something to consider when buying a paddleboard.


iROCKER valve and tail on the Ultra Series SUP

I really loved this board in testing. It’s fast, fun, tracks well, and is perfect for quick paddle sessions no matter where you go. Add in the 8 or 9 D-rings and extra on-deck bungee storage, and you’ve got a capable SUP for longer paddle trips as well. iROCKER hit all its goals with the Ultra Series: lightweight, easy to transport, and comfortable to carry.

Right now, iROCKER’s standard All Around boards (10- and 11-foot models) retail for $759-849. For just a few bucks more, you can get a still very capable, easier to transport, lighter-weight SUP. So if packability, transport, and weight are top of mind, be sure to check out the iROCKER Ultra Series.

The Ultra series includes the 3 iROCKER Ultra models mentioned above, as well as the Blackfin CX Ultra.

Check the All Around Ultra 10′ SUP Price at iROCKERCheck the All Around Ultra 11′ SUP Price at iROCKER

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