Video: Ben Gravy Surfs All 50 States

YouTuber and novelty wave fanatic Ben Gravy just surfed his 50th state.

Surfing in every state sounds downright impossible to most people. But to Ben Gravy, it just sounded like a splashy, fun time. Having grown up on the New Jersey breaks, the perennially upbeat surfer is known for seeking out wacky waves. And what started as a joke — to surf all 50 states — quickly turned into a bonafide mission.

Three years after starting, Gravy has completed the journey. From snowmelt rivers in Colorado to big waves in Hawaii, he surfed it all. It’s a good reminder that even if you live in landlocked North Dakota, surf dreams are possible. It will just take a little creativity and a positive attitude.

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Mallory Paige

Pro Gear Tester Mallory Paige is always up for adventure. Whether motorcycle camping across North America (with her dog in a sidecar!), paddling whitewater in a tiny packraft, or traveling in a van she's always ready to pivot and turn a challenge into an opportunity. When not busy obsessing about gear, she can be found building an off-grid homestead in the remote mountains of Colorado.

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