Friday Vibes: POV Pipeline With Dylan Lightfoot Brings the Mellow

Would you rather be gliding through a South African pipeline wave than working today? Cue up Dylan Lightfoot’s new POV video.

It’s impossible to watch “Surfing JBay” and not relax. It’s all there: gorgeous blue saltwater, perfect curlers, easy-going chill hop, and the main ingredient — surfing captured in stunning POV.

If you’re interested, the crew even walks through Dylan Lightfoot’s GoPro setup. Somewhat amazingly, it amounts to a belt with a stick on it. Veteran surf filmmaker Chris Rogers lines out the whole system, complete with recommendations and caveats.

“You do look a bit ridiculous while surfing, so if you’re gonna wear it while surfing, make sure you surf as well as Dylan Lightfoot,” Rogers joked. “Or else you’ll probably get kicked out of the water.”

However you have to look to get shots like these, we’re all for it.

Now, back to work.

Runtime: 6 minutes

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