Surfing Sisterhood: ROXY, Textured Waves Reinforce Women’s Belonging

Learn about one brand’s latest push for diversity and inclusion in surfing.

Since 1991, ROXY has empowered women to “carve their own way across mountains and oceans,” the brand told us.

ROXY has partnered with Textured Waves on a collaborative project, including a short film (which you can watch above) and a T-shirt. ROXY will donate proceeds from the sales of these shirts to The Wahine Project — “a global community advocating to give equal access to the ocean.”

The film was shot across 12 countries (Brazil, Canada, Senegal, Guatemala, and more) by exclusively female crews and “is a celebration of sorority and diversity in the waves,” reads the film description. It’s also a pretty sick wave reel.

The fairly young surf-and-snow brand has been working toward inclusivity for women in sports since day one.

Textured Waves is a surf collective of women of color, “a collective created to propagate the culture and sport of women’s surfing towards women of color and underrepresented demographics.” Learn more about Textured Waves.

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