Sail 2,500 Miles With John John Florence in Search of Idyllic Waves

If there’s ever a time to dream of an incredible ocean adventure, it’s now. And John John Florence captured his in a glorious video for your vicarious enjoyment.

The VELA film series follows John John Florence and a small but mighty team as they cover 2,500 nautical miles on a journey to explore the Northern Line Islands in Hawaii.

It’s all above adventure on the open sea. Pushing out of the comfort zone, Florence and his crew leave the local islands and head out on a month-long open-water voyage in the first episode of this sporty and gripping film series.

“It’s this mixture of exploration and the challenge of getting somewhere,” said Florence in the film. “You are always working to keep moving forward.”

In this episode, there are some funny and quirky moments, pretty impressive highlight reels, and, of course, a look at how sailing and the ocean has shaped this surfer’s community.

You don’t have to sail or swim every day for the ocean to be a part of your life. For all of us, this film is a genuine reminder of how peaceful, unpredictable, and complicated the waters can be.

Aside from the content, the filmmaking is also wonderfully done. Watch the first episode above, or check out Episode 2 below. Click through here to watch Episode 3 and Episode 4.

Presented by YETI and Parallel Sea. 

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