Bear Spray and Blizzards: Misadventures of Pro Kayaker Nouria Newman

When the U.S. denies your visa because being a pro kayaker isn’t ‘a real job,’ what do you do? Pack up your paddles and head north to battle fierce, virgin rapids in Canada, obviously.

Nouria Newman couldn’t get across the United States border, and absorbed a shot of MACE as a result. But contrary to what you might think, she was the one who delivered it.

This short film from Red Bull is a retelling account of an epic misadventure in the British Columbian wilderness by the kayaking G.O.A.T. herself.

Rowdy GoPro footage, bespoke animation, and Newman’s upbeat narration make for a delightful, action-filled little ride that we feel is worth taking.

Just press play and soak it up.

Runtime: 6.5 minutes

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Jilli Cluff

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