‘How We Go’ Sea Kayaking, With Paddling Guide Sophia Rouches

Hydro Flask consolidates a series of how-to videos with ‘How We Go.’ In a few tight minutes, episode 18 covers sea kayaking trips with help from a pro.

Sophia Rouches knows a thing or two about getting around on the water. The pro skier offseasons as a kayak guide in the PNW. After only a few seasons in the cockpit, she found she liked it so much that she was ready to share her passion professionally.

Follow along as Rouches clearly and succinctly explains sea kayaking essentials in this quick clip from Hydro Flask’s “How We Go” series. And maybe, more importantly, watch the serene cinematography capture Bellingham Bay in Washington State’s Salish Sea.

Rouches’ description of that watery world may say it best: “Being in a kayak feels like a front-row seat to the wonders of the ocean. I see baby seals nursing, harbor porpoises playing in the current, or tiny blood stars nestled between rocks,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Every day on the water is different from the last, and I am so grateful to spend the summer sitting in this purple boat dancing with the moon,” she continued.

What’s not to love? Grab your waterproof gear and join in the fun.

Runtime: 4 minutes

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