How to Ship Your Campervan to Europe: It’s Easier Than You Think

Ever thought about taking your sweet campervan across the ocean for international trips? Learn how with the Holcombe family.

Exploring the Western U.S. offers plenty of great overlanding, but then you start thinking even bigger. What about taking my killer ride to far-off lands?

According to this recent video, the process of shipping a campervan overseas is less complicated — and less expensive — than you might think. The Holcombe family decided to ship their Winnebago Revel from Baltimore to Belgium for a 6-month European tour.

While it’s possible to ship a vehicle in a container, that’s more expensive and wouldn’t work for a vehicle as large as the Winnebago Revel. So they used a private company called International Vehicle Shipping Services (IVSS) for a “roll-on, roll-off,” which is simply stowing the van on a ship.

IVSS specializes in shipping overland vehicles. The company provided a quote and explained the documents needed. Once received, the company submitted the docs to the proper authorities.

All told, it cost about $2,500, and the Holcombes happily picked up their vehicle at a port in Belgium “in the same condition.” Pro tip: Skip to 3 minutes to get the nuts and bolts.

Runtime: 6 minutes

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