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GMC Teases Slick ‘HUMMER EV EarthCruiser Overland Upfit Solution’

GMC and EarthCruiser team up to bring us an electric overland truck camper on the HUMMER EV pickup platform. Here's what we know so far.

GMC HUMMER EV EarthCruiser Overland Upfit Solution(Rendering/EarthCruiser)
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The GMC HUMMER EV EarthCruiser Overland Upfit Solution — say that 10 times fast — is still being teased. We’ve been promised that much more will be revealed later this month, however, with early 2024 availability on the market.

In this latest teaser, we see a lot more of the EarthCruiser EV truck camper upfit. And, we learn a few other important details from the text overlay on the image.

Here’s what we know so far.

GMC HUMMER EV x EarthCruiser Collab Teaser 3 Insights

From the latest teaser image, we can see that the new EarthCruiser EV overland camper has some distinct features. I really like how integrated the camper looks to the roof of the truck, versus hovering above the cab of the truck like all traditional truck campers.

It is also streamlined and color-matched to the vehicle. And, it has built-in LED lighting, a rear liftgate/door, and side pods. Many of these features are considerably different than the original renderings that were teased earlier this year.

EarthCruiser electric truck camper
EarthCruiser EV overland camper from the first teaser; (photo/EarthCruiser)

Early renderings just looked like an EarthCruiser GZLMOD slide-in truck camper made to fit an EV, either a Rivian R1T or HUMMER EV truck. This latest rendering makes the GMC HUMMER EV EarthCruiser Overland Upfit Solution look much more like its own custom thing made specifically for the HUMMER EV truck.

EarthCruiser electric truck camper
EarthCruiser electric truck overland camper teaser 1; (photo/EarthCruiser)

Read the Tiny Print

Overlaid on this latest teaser rendering are some important details, namely that this camper and any alterations done for the upfit are not covered by the GM new vehicle warranty. We don’t, however, know if it voids any warranties, as we don’t know what vehicle modifications — if any — are required.

While we already knew, we are reminded that you can’t buy a new HUMMER EV pickup from a dealership, as they have all been presold and they aren’t taking new reservations or orders at this time. That means either you pay huge dollars on the used market for a HUMMER EV truck or already have one, or a reservation for one, if you want to experience this EarthCruiser overland truck camper solution.

GMC Hummer EV truck with EarthCruiser overland truck camper
GMC + EarthCruiser electric overland vehicle collaboration teaser 2; (photo/EarthCruiser)

GMC HUMMER EV EarthCruiser Overland Upfit Solution

We’re looking forward to more concrete details about this first EV-focused truck camper solution later this month. It will be an interesting addition to EarthCruiser‘s already formidable overland camper lineup, which includes the EXP, FX, and Terranova.

The GMC HUMMER EV EarthCruiser Overland Upfit Solution looks very fitted to the truck. But, we are left wondering if a solution for other EV trucks (like Lightning, R1T, etc.) are in the works, or if this overland camper is already compatible with other trucks.

We’re excited to see proper development happening in the space to make comfortable overland travel in remote areas possible with an electric vehicle. EarthCruiser has deep expedition camper expertise and the GMC HUMMER EV truck is quite capable. The combo should be a formidable overland adventure setup.

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