Hitch Hotel Expandable Camper

No Wheels: Meet the Camper That Rides on Your Hitch

The Hitch Hotel fits onto a trailer hitch for transport. At a campsite, the compact camper expands to nearly three times its size.

Hitch Hotel Expandable Camper

Say goodbye to wheeled campers with the introduction of the Hitch Hotel. A unique telescoping design promises motorists a lightweight and cozy camping option.

Announced today, Hitch Hotel is the world’s first expandable wheel-less trailer. Hitch Hotel attaches to your vehicle on just the hitch in transit and expands to fit two adults comfortably.

In transit, the 240 lb. Hitch Hotel only takes up 16 sq. feet. of space. It fits onto class 2 hitches and higher.

Hitch Hotel Expandable Camper

The nuanced design can hold 100 lbs. of cargo directly on your hitch. Expanded, the platform can hold more than 1,000 lbs.

Currently, Hitch Hotel is on Kickstarter and costs $4,499 retail with substantial discounts for early backers.

Hitch Hotel Expandable Camper

Hitch Hotel: Lightweight, Hitch-Mounted Camper

The Hitch Hotel is simple in design but versatile in use. When closed, there is more than 60 cubic feet of storage. Opened, the Hitch Hotel provides a 135 cubic feet sleeping space. That’s larger than a queen size bed.

hitch hotel

For a stable connection, Hitch Hotel is only compatible with Class 2 hitches and higher. This equates to tongue weights of 350 lbs. or higher.

Hitch Hotel Expandable Camper

Four sets of ladders make a sturdy connection with the ground for when it’s expanded. And Hitch Hotel keeps your gear and yourself safe and secured with its watertight design.

Vents and windows line the outside of the camper, and an external grab bar serves as a gear rack. Its frame is constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum.

Hitch Hotel Expandable Camper

The closed dimensions are 68 x 34 x 50 in. This lets the vehicle meet all lane requirements. Then, with a set-up time faster than a tent, it telescopes to 7 ft. 4 in.

Hitch Hotel is estimated to deliver in September 2018. Its Kickstarter ends in July.

Check out the Kickstarter video to get stoked on this compact addition to the adventurer’s rig.

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