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Sleep Over Your Truck With Room to Stand in Back

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Introduced in February, the Snap! Treehouse turns a pickup truck into a minimalistic camper, 7-foot ceiling included.

snap treehouse truck camper

Pop-up campers are not new to the pickup truck world. But this new design from Snap! Outfitters, made in Pennsylvania, grabbed our attention. At 320 pounds, it’s relatively light. And it provides a place to sleep, cook, change clothes, and store gear – all from inside your truck!

Snap! Treehouse Truck Bed Camper

The Snap! Treehouse is pretty simple. Start with a frame that fits around the truck bed. Add a seven-foot, over-cab sleeping space above the topper-style frame. Then cover it all with a roof that unfurls upward. It’s all wrapped in marine-grade, replaceable HarborTime Edge fabric attached to the ceiling and floor with heavy-duty Velcro and snaps.

The sleeping space covers all but two feet of the truck bed – the entry hatch. But if you want to use the bed for cooking or simply hanging out, you can raise the sleeping platform, opening up a full 7 feet of headroom underneath.

snap treehouse
Headroom in the truck bed

It’s not a cheap product, retailing for $7,000. But compared to campers, it’s a reasonably affordable option. The fabric carries a five-year warranty and can be switched out by the owner if damaged.

Each Snap! Treehouse is made to order, depending on the specifications of your truck. Each takes on average 12 weeks to build.

And it is all designed and constructed in Pennsylvania.

The frame, which covers the truck bed like a topper, has doors on the back and side to allow easy access to gear inside. Or, open it up for a nice cross breeze.

We haven’t seen the Snap! Treehouse in person, but it looks like an interesting option for car camping and grand adventure.

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