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Haul All the Toys, Enjoy the Comfort: SylvanSport Vast Camper Trailer

The SylvanSport Vast's eye-catching feature is the side-mount exterior kayak rack. But, a slide-out kitchen, two beds, massive windows, and adjustable storage in the rear should also be high up on your list.

Sylvansport Vast camper(Photo/SylvanSport)
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Gear storage on the side, a kitchen that works as well outside as it does in, and huge openings to the outdoors. The SylvanSport Vast camper has those features along with a hidden second bed and a rooftop covered in solar. It’s all meant to help this 21-foot camper trailer make your next adventure more comfortable and less stressful while you enjoy all of your outdoor toys.

Forget Rooftop Climbing

Sylvansport Vast camper

Side-loading for kayaks and paddle boards makes for easier storage. And, SylvanSport calls it an industry first — the track-mount system on the trailer’s exterior lets you set your height and store one, two, or more boats/boards, depending on their size and your needs. If it sounds familiar, that might be because the prototype of the Vast was a winner at the RVX show in 2019.

You can’t mount your bikes to the side-mount racks, but there is space for them inside. The entire lounge area can slide forward on a track system that leaves space for two bikes lengthwise, or other bulky cargo.

SylvanSport shows the space as wide enough for three very large storage tubs across. Take the bikes out through the large top-opening rear door, and you can slide the lounge back into place for maximum occupant space.

Clever Indoor-Outdoor Kitchen

Sylvansport Vast camper

Vast’s indoor-outdoor kitchen is also cleverly designed for ease of use. The entire Glideslide kitchen slides out and down when you convert it from inside to outside. That puts it at the right height for use in either configuration, making cooking more pleasant.

The indoor-outdoor kitchen and opening rear door combine with what SylvanSport calls the largest double-pane acrylic windows in the industry. Yes, that’s a very specific claim, but the opening window is very clearly massive.

It helps make up for the lack of openings on the driver’s side. Pop the rear hatch, the side window, and the window on the front, and you’re beginning to lose track of where the inside ends and the outdoors begins.

Bed for 2, or 2 Beds for More

Sylvansport Vast camper

SylvanSport says Vast is ideal for two, but thanks to having a second bed, it will also work for four — at least if you’re all friendly. Fitting two beds into the 21-foot trailer footprint means they’re stacked like bunk beds, where you have to get in and out from the head or foot of the bed. Both beds have queen-size mattresses; the main bed comes down from the ceiling and the second converts from the couch.

Sylvansport Vast camper

At least the bathroom is big. It has a shower tall enough for 6’6″ occupants. It also has a sliding divider to separate the shower and the rest of the bathroom. You might not want a second person using the flush, but giving them sink and mirror access is handy.

There’s also an exterior shower kit and a front water faucet for convenience.

SylvanSport Vast Uses Rooftop for Solar Instead of Gear

Sylvansport Vast camper

Since your kayak is on the side instead of up top, the rooftop solar is unencumbered. There are 800W worth of panels up there for power generation, and a lithium-ion battery system to help store and deliver it.

Full of propane and batteries, the SylvanSport Vast tips the scales at 4,420 pounds, leaving you 580 pounds of capacity for water and provisions. The box is 73 inches with the fenders sticking out to 95 inches. Because the fenders poke out past the walls, you have around a foot of depth before you need to worry about your kayak or paddle board coming out further than the tires.

The SylvanSport Vast is on sale now. MSRP is $69,995, and you can purchase it from the company’s site or through authorized dealers, where it is just now hitting lots.

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