‘Get to Da Campah!’ Check Out the Little-Known 1970s ‘Helihome’

Forget van life — this short-lived helicopter-turned-camper actually existed. Once you’ve watched this YouTube sleuth cut, you’ll want one, too.

If turning a Vietnam-era helicopter into a shag-carpeted campervan sounds absurd and impractical — you’re absolutely right. It turns out it’s also a real thing that happened in the late 1970s.

Thanks to the research of YouTube historian and engineer Calum, we now have a complete history of the Winnebago Helihome. While the company backed the helicopter-turned-camper as a publicity stunt, it also actually built and sold a handful of them.

Some people think paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for Winnebago’s top-notch electric RV sounds ridiculous. Well, here’s a little perspective, people.

Runtime: 16.5 minutes

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