Fire Starter: If Blow Torch And Hair Dryer Had A Baby

The Bison Airlighter is one crazy contraption. It blends a mega-size lighter with a blower for fire-starting capability heretofore unseen.

bison airlighter

Granted, you can start a fire with a simple match, a Bic lighter, or, in a pinch, lighter fluid or (gasp) gasoline. But what about a hair dryer?

OK, so it’s not actually that. But the Bison Airlighter is what you’d get if a blowtorch knocked up a hair dryer, and the hybrid spawn looks super effective.

bison airlighter torch

It runs off butane fuel and electricity, and it can be recharged through a USB cord.

How It Works

Click a button and you are greeted with blue flame. After the lighter gets the fire going, the blower turns on, stoking the flame to a great and roaring blaze.

lighter fire starter

At least that’s the concept. We haven’t tested the gizmo yet, so we can only hope it works as promised.

(Have you tried one? Let us know if it’s as rad as it appears in the photo, or if it falls flat. We’ll be getting one in house to test soon.)

airlighter charcoal

The fire starting awesomeness does come with some drawbacks — size and price. The thing is big and weighs 2 pounds, so it won’t be going backpacking with you.

Oh, and it costs $80 — the same price as about 80 simple lighters, so this one might be a little hard to justify.

But then can you put a price on fire-starting fun? See here for more info on the hybrid torch.

Sean McCoy

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