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Cook-Off: ‘Fyre Champion’ Camp Stove Test

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Coleman Camp Stove

Coleman’s always been the brand behind breakfast at Scout camps and family outings. The company recently made a move to take back even more campsites with the introduction of its Gladiator Series stoves.

Cooking Coleman

The Fyre Champion model I tested has 12,000-BTU burners and what Coleman calls “HyperFlame Technology” — it is intended to provide more even heating and better wind resistance. It can cut water-boiling times in half.

Coleman Gladiator Camp Stove

I don’t have a lot of use for boiled water, so I tested it out using bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns, then I wrapped the results up in a tortilla.

To get a baseline, I compared the results with a breakfast burrito made on an older model Coleman stove and another made on the electric range in my kitchen.

Burrito On Camp Stove

The vintage Coleman stove did an admirable job, providing sustenance in 20 minutes and 51 seconds.

Using this as a baseline, the Fyre Champion didn’t quite reach the projected cook-time reduction but it came incredibly close at 11 minutes and 26 seconds. What’s surprising is that the Fyre Champion actually out-performed my kitchen stove, which came in at 11 minutes and 37 seconds.

Coleman contols

There’s more to consider than simple food prep when choosing a camp stove. Is it portable? Is it easy to clean? Does it cool down quickly? Is the handle solid? Yes. Yes. Yes. And, yes with the Fyre Champion.

By every standard, the Fyre was a huge improvement over the green Coleman models of yesteryear. Some of that, I’m sure, can be attributed to the fact that it’s spent zero years in my garage. But, unlike so many things in this world, the build quality of the newer model really is better.

It comes with two griddles for use as a two-burner stove, griddle, or a stove/griddle combo.


I enjoyed using the new Coleman. I was impressed with the solid build and improved functionality. I didn’t even mind cleaning it.

The Coleman Fyre Champion would be a welcome addition to any gear closet, and I think it’s even worth the $169.99 to upgrade from an older model.

Then, when you make the jump, you can donate that old one and help a few Scouts learn to love the outdoors… and breakfast. Win-win.

Cooking With Camp Stove

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