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Only YETI Can Get Away With Selling a $400 Cast Iron Pan

The YETI Cast Iron Skillet may be the most expensive cast iron pan on the market. But, is it worth the $400 price tag?
YETI Cast Iron Skillet(Photo/YETI)
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Listen, I primarily cook in cast iron. I have an impressive/embarrassing collection, all of which are in my daily rotation on the stove, the smoker, the fire, or the grill. I’d say 20% of that collection was bought in a store, and the rest were hand-me-downs, found items, salvaged from a root cellar, or otherwise happened upon.

My YETI collection is equally as impressive/embarrassing. I love my coolers, mugs, Go Boxes, and the like. I just never thought those two worlds would merge, and here we are.

YETI has officially introduced its new 12-inch cast iron skillet to the world. And boy, will it set you back a few pennies.

The YETI Cast Iron Skillet


  • 12" skillet
  • Metal ring rag
  • Scraper card
  • Cotton storage bag
Only YETI Can Get Away With Selling a $400 Cast Iron Pan

If you’re sensing a bit of cynicism and snark in my tone, that’s likely because it’s there. I have a hard time stomaching the idea of spending $400 on a cast iron pan. It may very well be an amazing pan. And it does seem like YETI put some thought into creating this beast.

Working with the cast iron masters over at Butter Pat Industries in Maryland, we’ve crafted the ultimate in campsite skillets. Each pan is painstakingly hand-cast creating a smoother, thinner skillet with a beautifully balanced heat.


What’s the difference between this skillet and a traditional skillet you might have lying around? YETI says it is thinner, lighter, and has a smoother surface. This ain’t yo mama’s cast iron pan. The YETI skillet comes preseasoned and ready to roll, including a metal ring rag, scraper card, and cotton storage bag.

But damn, the second most expensive skillet I can find is this USA-made beauty by Smithey Ironwear, and even it is half the price of the YETI. Or you can get a wonderful blue carbon steel skillet from Made In for $130. These are top-shelf, buy-once-in-a-lifetime products.

YETI, you may have out-YETI-ed yourself this time.

To be fair, it seems like this falls in line with other luxury versions of everyday items we see across the board. From knives to rifles, you can get standard, and you can get top-notch. Is this the Rolls Royce of cast iron skillets? YETI says it is.

Yeti Cast Iron

Initial Thoughts

Healthy skepticism. I think a healthy dose of skepticism is needed in the outdoor industry, and luckily we’re plumb full of it here at GearJunkie. Granted, I haven’t laid a hand on this skillet, but I’d be interested to see if it performs 20 times better than the trusty ol’ skillet that’s fed myself, my kids, my folks, and their folks since the turn of the last century.

I’d love to eat my words on this one, mostly because I love to eat. Maybe it’s the best cast iron skillet to exist. Maybe.

I guess that’s to be seen.

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