‘EvenFlip’ Upgrades The Hot Dog Stick

This is not high technology, but the EvenFlip is a pretty clever idea for anyone who likes to roast marshmallows or hot dogs over the campfire.

evenflip camfire cooking

So you’re standing there roasting a hot dog. And you’re lazy, so you don’t want to squat down to get an even roast. You know you’re going to wind up burning the tip of the dog, while the part skewered high up the stick remains more or less uncooked.

Drat! What’s a guy or gal to do? Well, if you don’t feel like pulling up a camp stool, the EvenFlip could be your answer.


The EvenFlip is one of the more basic Kickstarter campaigns we’ve ever seen. Simply put, it’s a hot dog stick.

But a nice design feature means that, as you stand holding this skewer, it levels out the food so it’s held flat to the fire, cooking it evenly. To flip it, just roll your wrist and the whole contraption rotates over. Voila!

The EvenFlip seems fun and useful for backyard campfires or sizzling snacks at the car campsite. If you’re looking to upgrade your skewers, this cooker costs $20 on their Kickstarter now. We’d like to see the price come down in the future, but if you’d like to support this small startup, it’s not too outrageous to have the coolest cook stick in the campground.

Sean McCoy

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