Tree-O Hammock Frame Group Hang

Create ‘Hammock Commune’ With Tree-O Frame

No matter the spacing of the trees in your camp site, this system lets you hang three hammocks together suspended on a Y-shaped webbing frame.

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Hammock lovers typically hang and camp with their friends, but it’s often hard to find trees where everyone can hang close to one another. While stacking works, it’s not ideal for when nature calls in the middle of the night, not to mention other hassles of the vertical configuration.

The Tree-O Hammock Frame gives a solution. It’s basically a Y-shape of 2-inch webbing with loops. The system is connected by an O-ring in the middle.

Tree-O Hammock Frame Group Hang

Easy Hammock Setup

You need three trees, but they do not need to be evenly set apart. Straps loop around the trees and connect to the Y-shape webbing “frame” strap.

The frame straps all connect to the center O-ring, which lets you swivel the straps straight toward a tree to align the system right.

Once set up, clip the carabiners on your hammock to any of the numerous loops and relax.

O-Ring Adjustable

The O-ring in the middle is key — it allows you to change the angles of the straps to adjust to the trees in your area. The makers at Treble Hammocks claim you can “hang from trees that are up to 30-feet apart in any configuration.”

The hammock frame can still be used for solo hangs, and it can serve as a replacement for your hammock straps.

Or, if you’re feeling crazy, you can double/triple stack multiple frames to create a full-blown hammock commune.

Double Stacked Tree-O Hammock Frame

Treble Hammocks is offering an early-bird special on Kickstarter for $79.

We have yet to test one, but if you like to group hang or are concerned that the trees at your campsite might not be ideal, the Tree-O might be for you.

Tree-O Specs

  • Tree-O Weight – 4 pounds 7 ounces
  • Weight Limit – 800 pounds
  • Two 8-foot frame straps with 10 loops
  • One 14-foot frame strap with 12 loops
  • Three 14-foot tree straps
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