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Hybrid Hammock A ‘Levitating’ Yoga Mat

Built with sun salutations in mind, Levitat jumps into the ‘Hammock Life’ fray with another hanging option.


Going camping? Take your asanas with you, without the hassle of clearing a spot for the yoga mat. The latest release from Levitat is a triangular trampoline mat made for aerial yoga enthusiasts. But it looks like an equally good option for doing absolutely nothing.

Levitat Aerial Yoga Mat

levitat aerial yoga mat

We’ve covered Levitat in the past, and the brand clearly has suspended, triangular trampoline products on the brain. Its last Kickstarter was a hanging tree tent that bore an uncanny resemblance to the Tentsile.

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The brand’s latest Kickstarter, however, takes a new approach. Instead of camping and sleeping, this Levitat caters to yoga enthusiasts (slackers?) and families. It’s less a dwelling, and more an accessory for fun outdoors.

levitat aerial yoga mat headstand

The triangular mat, which will retail for $240, does away with the canopy and markets itself as a new take on the yoga mat. It claims to benefit balance, and improve blood circulation, focus, and concentration.

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We’re not sure about all that, but we’re pretty sure it would be great for our favorite pose: Lying still in a hammock.

The Levitat can hold up to three adults or six kids, and a total of 770 lbs., according to the brand. It has ratchet straps for tree hanging, and it also works with a stand to set up in treeless areas (or indoors).

It’s live on Kickstarter now for $159 buy-ins.

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