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Review: NEMO’s First Hammock Holds Your Beer

NEMO Cloudview Hammock Review
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NEMO created its first hammock, the Cloudview, for those that love to lounge and be social.

NEMO Cloudview Hammock Review

NEMO, maker of tents, sleeping bags, and camping gear, introduced its first hammock this year. We know, there are countless nylon hammocks out there. But we were excited to found out NEMO’s first hammock was a little different.

The goal isn’t to be the lightest or most packable. Instead, the brand created a hammock for the socialite.

In short: The Cloudview is an intriguing option for hammock lovers. Because of its size (over 5 lbs.) and price ($170), it’s fit for backyards, cabins, or car camping. Trampoline material, “lay-flat” design, and cup holders set it apart from traditional hammocks.

NEMO Cloudview Hammock Review

We’ve been testing the Cloudview throughout summer and found it quite comfy. Use it best for hangs at the beach, park, or car campsite.

It has a number of features that make it markedly different than traditional hammocks.

Fabric: Semi-see-through fabric allows you to take in the scenery. It’s comparable to the mesh fabric found on some lawn furniture or a trampoline. It feels durable though it’s not overly stiff or uncomfortable on your skin.

NEMO Cloudview Hammock Review

Layflat Design: Instead of gathering at the ends like most nylon hammocks, the Cloudview is open. This eliminates that “hammock burrito” feeling and allows your body to lay flat with your weight spread across the hammock. The layout is more like a reclined beach chair than a hammock burrito.

NEMO Cloudview Hammock Spreader Bar

This open design results from aluminum poles that attach to grommets at the head and foot of the hammock. It’s comfy in a different way than many camping hammocks. Admittedly, we sometimes like the wraparound feel of other hammocks, but the Cloudview is definitely relaxing and comfortable, like lying on a trampoline.

Setup & Suspension: Attach the Cloudview to trees with one-inch webbing and a steel buckle. This tree-hitch design was quick to setup and infinitely adjustable. It takes roughly two minutes to set up and two minutes to tear down and put back in its bag.

DSC0607NEMO Cloudview Hammock Cup Holder

Cup Holder: The included cup-holder is among the first we’ve seen in hammocks. The elastic cord in the holder allows it to hold your favorite brew, bottle, or Nalgene. There’s another pouch on the opposite side to stash snack, a phone, and more.

Drawbacks: The $170 price tag may be a barrier for some people, as you can get two nylon hammocks for the same price.

Additionally, the spreader bars make it a less-stable than other hammocks. Sitting sideways and upright up in the hammock felt odd since there wasn’t much back support.

Lastly, the strap on the carrying case is a bit too short to throw over your head and shoulder. It rests on the shoulder decently, but it’s easier to carry with your hand or in a pack.

DSC0607NEMO Cloudview Hammock Size Comparison
Packed size compared to 36 oz. bottle

Bottom Line: NEMO Hammock Impressions

This hammock is comfy and has some unique, useful features, though isn’t the lightest or most packable. It’s perfect for putting up in the yard, setting up at camp, or hanging at the beach. If that’s what you’re looking for in a hammock and you have the budget the Cloudview might be for you.


  • Weight: 5 lbs. 1 oz.
  • Weight limit: 400 lbs.
  • Hammock size: 85″ x 37″
  • Packed size: 23″ x 6.5″
  • Price: $170

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