All-Mesh Treepod Offers Airy New Way to Hang

Treepods made waves among hammock campers two years ago with its hanging sleep capsules. Now, it’s letting in a breeze.

mesh treepod hammock Lounger and Cabana

Sleep in your office or laze on the beach. The two-year-old “next-generation hammock” brand Treepod unveils its latest hangouts for a variety of needs.

Launched this week on Kickstarter, the Lounger and Cabana, mark two very different options for #HammockLife. One offers privacy and quiet, the other provides 360-degree views and open air.

Treepod Cabana And Lounger

mesh treepod hammock Lounger and Cabana

While their uses differ, the Lounger and Cabana share several attributes. Both models come in five- or six-foot diameters, and 5.5- and 6-foot internal heights. Each will accommodate up to three adults or 500 lbs.

mesh treepod hammock Lounger and Cabana

Also, they will both work on a single top-anchor point, be it a tree, hook, or optional Treepod stand. And most notably, they both sport an updated shape from the previous treepod, with an increased inner area near the top of the tent.

mesh treepod hammock Lounger and Cabana

The Lounger is meant for privacy, with canvas walls that surround a single entry port. It’s more like the debut Treepod than its counterpart.

The cabana, by contrast, has full mesh walls to let air and light in.

The brand touts the Treepods have “all the benefits of a hammock, but are much roomier and more comfortable.” While they do look cozy, there’s no full-coverage option to keep bugs or the elements out. And there’s no rainfly.

mesh treepod hammock Lounger and Cabana

Plus, compared to hammocks the pods are heavy. The smaller models weigh about 13 lbs. and the larger models are just shy of 16 lbs.

However, we’ve seen the pods work as well indoors as out, which hammocks don’t. And they’re better for groups, don’t fold over you, and only require one tree/anchor to set up.

Overall, this looks like a fun, comfortable place to relax for an afternoon. At $250 retail, it competes more with the likes of a Tentsile hanging tent than a traditional hammock. It offers easier setup and slightly less weight.

Check out the campaign if you want a different take on outdoor—or indoor—relaxation.

Adam Ruggiero

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