Drink Nature: Pine Tree Soda

Leaves & Wild Berries

Theses early successes did more than just send me off to find other flavors. The act of ‘unlocking’ my sense of taste in the outdoors began to inform my overall awareness of fauna around me on the trail.

Minty leaves from the woods

I was now more observant of different species of conifer (whether I was to sample them or not). Wild patches of spearmint near my home; where did these come from? How many times had I missed them?

Stimulating my sense of taste re-charged my neglected sense of sight… I saw more. Appreciated more.

Rhubarb and blossoms steep for flavor

Natural growing seasons in the wild began leaving a stronger signal on my radar, along with a mindfulness about ethical foraging. Flavors like maple began to beckon. And then wildberries. Even fruit blossoms.

A word of caution: Be sure to learn exactly what you are picking. Wild berries and plants can be toxic, and you don’t want to ingest just anything you find in the woods. Take your time and learn what plants are safe; the process is rewarding.


Now, numerous batches and flavors later, I look ahead to future finds. And when I take a sip and revisit those captured memories, I have no shortage of taste-testers to join me there.