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Ammo Box Cooker: Ignik Updates ‘FireCan’ With Grill Accessories

The burn ban-compliant FireCan receives a few grill-master upgrades for 2023.

brats cooking in firecan deluxe on rocky beach(Photo/Ignik)
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Choose your flame, choose your fire — whether blue or orange for cooking or camping, the new FireCan Deluxe from Ignik targets portability, versatility, and safety for outdoor adventures.

The original FireCan debuted in 2021 to some fanfare (including a Best In Show nod from us) for its unique “ammo can” design and increased safety for wildfire-prone areas. It took the fire pit, mashed it into a box, gave it legs to keep flames off the ground, and tethered it to sparkless propane (for a more eloquent explanation, read our original rundown).

FireCan grilling sausage on rocky beach

This design brought the FireCan into compliance with certain burn ban restrictions, where other fire options remained prohibited. Today, Ignik builds on that same awarded concept with the FireCan Deluxe. It adds grilling attachments and increased flame controls to suit cooking or just enjoying a campfire.

Ignik FireCan Deluxe

FireCan Delus parts

The bones of the Deluxe remain the same as the original — elevated ammo box with propane regulator. Joining the party, however, are a removable grill insert, grease tray, flame control knob, and dual ports for switching between Grill and Fire Pit modes.

The stainless steel grill tray fits inside the 6-inch by 7.5-inch top of the FireCan. Images show it’s large enough to cook a fish filet or about six brats. Like its predecessor, it stands 12 inches tall.

To accommodate cooking, Ignik added a temperature control knob to the regulator. It runs low, medium, and high. Additionally, the FireCan Deluxe has two ports to hook up propane — one for Grill Mode, and the other for Fire Pit Mode.

FireCan Deluxe each side and ports shown

When in Grill Mode, the Deluxe emits smaller, hotter, blue flames. This will “allow for safe, efficient, and more complete fuel combustion that’s optimized for cooking,” according to Ignik.

In Fire Pit Mode — the port on the opposite side — flames will be more akin to a campfire, larger and orange. Just remember to remove the grill tray and switch ports.

The correct modes are displayed with graphics above each port.

The FireCan Deluxe is available beginning today for $300.

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