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Pitch This Tent Indoors To Stay Warm This Winter

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[leadin]This one’s in the running for the strangest Kickstarter campaign we’ve seen yet. The ‘Room in Room’ is a tent you pitch on your bed, in your house.[/leadin]


Yep, if you didn’t feel “inside” enough when in your own bedroom, you can pitch this bad boy and be double sheltered. Maybe you could add one of those white noise recordings of a babbling brook to completely screw with your senses. Yeah, that would do the trick.

But in all reality, this product is meant to help save on heating bills for those that sleep cold. Like, really, really cold.

To use this bizarre product, you attach it to your bed mattress. It has no floor, only mesh doors and a cotton fly, which is said to raise ambient temp by up to 10 degrees F.

If you sleep that cold, you could add another blanket. Maybe you could try pajamas, or even an electric blanket. Or … you could buy this bed-tent and pitch it amidst your dresser and night stand. Your choice.


Kid’s fort? Nope, a real option for grownups who get cold at night

It has straps and harnesses inside to hang smartphones and laptops. You can watch movies or, the brand touts, use the little shelter as some sort of weird home office.

Kids would love this, no doubt. But we’re a bit flummoxed by the campaign, which seems to be marketing to grown men and women.


Room in Room has roots in iKamper, a Massachusetts company that makes roof-top tents.

Dozens of people have ordered the bed-tent. The campaign is funded, and soon Room in Rooms will be real. Get yours for $80 here. Or just add another blanket, roll over, and go to sleep.

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