First Look: Super Wide, Cushy And Packable Sleeping Pad

It had been a long day of bushwhacking through the Rocky Mountains, and I was ready for a good night sleep. I pulled a Nalgene bottle-sized package from my backpack, opened the valve and blew air into the brand-new sleeping pad.

My eyes widened as the Static V Luxe sleeping pad by Klymit grew to exceptionally large dimensions. As I huffed and puffed, the small package expanded into the widest sleeping pad I’ve seen yet.

The Static V Luxe is the largest inflatable pad in the Klymit line, but packs remarkably small. Side by side with another quality sleeping pad, the Klymit looked like a double wide! The Static V Luxe is very similar in design to the popular Static V — but seven inches wider and a half-inch thicker.

For a quick test, I carried the pad in an ultra-light overnight pack for a day, then slept one night before packing it back up. I then used it a couple days later for a quick overnight adventure in the foothills near Golden, Colo.

The Gear: Klymit Static V Lux sleeping pad

Price: $89.95

Available: Online now

Where To Test It: Backpacking or car camping.

Who’s It For: Those who want a large and cushy sleeping pad that fits easily into a backpacking kit.

First Impressions: Can you say HUGE! The Static V Lux is big enough to roll around and not fall off.

When unpacking, I was a little unsure why it has two valves; after deflating, I totally understand. The double valve system makes it really easy to put away.

The company claims the pad takes about 16 breaths to inflate. I found it to be more like 30 breaths — maybe it was the high altitude (10,000 feet)?

The three inch thickness is really comfortable. Two nights sleeping on this pad were restful and I awoke without any soreness.

The Static V Luxe, left, next to a more standard size pad

Important Specs: Weight: 25 oz; Inflated Size: 30 × 76 × 3 inches; Packed Size: 4 × 9 inches; Fabric: 75D Polyester; R-Value: 1.3.

Boring But Important: The pad ships with a repair kit. Testing for just a couple nights, I can’t speak to durability. It packs very small for it’s incredible inflated size by using thin (but stout) material and some clever engineering.

It relies on air for insulation, so is not ideal for cold-weather camping.

The Klymit Static V Luxe has the same V Chambers as the original Static V, but in a cushioned three-inch thick, 30 inch wide and 76 inch long design. The V Chambers limit air movement and heat loss, and distribute weight for support and comfort.

The company claims the thicker V Chambers of the Static V Luxe make the pad compatible for multi-season adventure, but I have only tested it in summer conditions. It has an r-value of 1.3 (minimally insulating), however “the V-chamber design limits the movement of cold air by reducing the directions that the air can travel. This helps to reduce convection and the result is better warmth and stability,” according to Klymit.

Side rails ensure sleepers don’t slip off.

Double valves

Made In: Taiwan

Killer! The pad is absolutely huge and very comfortable. At 30 inches wide, it is nearly double the width of other pads I’ve used. It allows plenty of room to roll around at night and not fall off.

The pad has two valves on one end, which makes deflation and rolling really easy. I was able to roll and pack the pad cleanly in just a couple minutes.

Flaw: Two of these, side by side, may not fit in some two-person tents.

Who Should Buy It: Summer backpackers with plenty of tent real estate looking for a great night sleep.

Contact Brand/More Beta: Klymit

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