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Leatherman Launches ‘More Approachable,’ Eye-Catching Signal Tool

As Leatherman’s industrial designer Lucy Davis puts it, ‘Life-saving gear doesn’t have to look so serious.’

Many Leatherman faithful appreciate the tools’ metallic silver sheen. For some, it’s a nod to the pocket carry’s fundamental utility — no flair, no frills, just handy tools.

Leatherman Signal aqua camping

Of course, others don’t mind adding a little extra pizazz. Multitools have a certain cool appeal, especially with Leatherman’s new one-handed, butterflying FREE. And a custom design or splash of color helps dial in the style.

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In that vein, Leatherman unveiled three colorful new designs to its popular Signal tool. The idea, according to Leatherman, is to “heighten its appeal to even more users.” Whether it succeeds is anybody’s guess. But at least one of the new color schemes should interest fans of ’90s neon fashion.

Leatherman Signal: New Colors

This isn’t the first time Leatherman has targeted aesthetic updates rather than product functions. In addition to offering anodized hits on handle scales, the brand last year unveiled a customizer that allows Wave owners to upload their own images or choose from artistic designs to laser etch onto their tool.

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But the new colors look like one of the more bold moves the Portland-based tool company has made. And it’s not without reason.

“The reality is that a multipurpose tool can be intimidating,” Leatherman industrial designer Lucy Davis said. “By adding these fun colors, the Signal becomes more approachable and enables more people to save the day in style.”

Leatherman Signal colors

The three new colors are gray with lime green hits, cobalt-blue with red accents, and, the poster child of the hue update, aqua with coral complements and black tools.

And from our first peek, it conjures some strong memories of ’90s ski apparel. Or those campy jazz paper cups.

'90s paper cup

The new colors launch today and are available exclusively for the $120, 19-function Signal.

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