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Gear Line Organizes All Your Stuff

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Take a daisy chain, add a couple oversize twist ties, a few carabiners, and you have one of the strangest pieces of gear to arrive in our office this month.

Made of nylon webbing, the Gear Line Organization System from Nite Ize has plastic double-gated ‘biner clips in a few different sizes, each attached to its own daisy-chain loop, and a couple heavy-duty twist ties on both ends.

I tested it today with some random gear around our headquarters space. The big, rubbery twist ties attached in a second to posts and other objects. It stayed in place, even under heavy loads.

However, I wanted to see the little unit through to its limit and decided to subject it to some “body weight” testing. After getting a couple employees involved, from 120 to 220 pounds, we tied the Gear Line between two metal objects and clipped on.

We know these little ‘biners are not “made for climbing” (nor is the daisy chain). So it was no surprise when the stitching snapped and the loops unfurled as our 180-pound man moved his full weight aboard.

Snapped at 180 pounds!

Silly abuse aside, the Gear Line is a neat little accessory. It comes in 2- and 4-foot lengths (2.75 and 4.5 ounces respectively) and costs $14.99 and $19.99.

Uses range from a garage organizer to something you hang up in a tent or outside at a campsite for cooking utensils or anything else.

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