Take This ‘Fabric Grill’ Anywhere


Man the grill! If those words get you stoked, check out this portable option.

The GoBQ is a collapsible unit that can fit in a backpack. Or leave it in the trunk of your car all summer for grilling emergencies on the road.

GoBQ Tailgating

Made of a silicon-coated fiberglass material, the grill body can withstand flames and high temperatures.

The fabric base, nickel-plated metal grate, and charcoal basket all fold up to fit inside the grill’s fabric lid, which also folds together to become its own carrying bag.


The GoBQ body cools to the touch soon after dumping the charcoal embers for quick portability.

It weighs about 8 pounds including a metal grate cooking surface and the chain basket.

For quick hikes from the car or as a companion on fishing or tailgating trips, it’s a slick idea.

The fact that it uses charcoal instead of gas seems a little counterintuitive though, as charcoal is pretty heavy and not nearly as compact as a propane canister.

GoBQ portable grill

It’s also easy enough to just bring some charcoal and put it in a hole in the ground or fire pit and cover it with a grate.

But for those who take their grilling seriously, the contained heat will make for quicker, more even cooking and it probably won’t pose as much fire danger.

The GoBQ costs $120 on the company’s Indiegogo fundraiser now.

GoBQ grill

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