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‘FireWater’ Bottle Doubles As Camp Lantern

Seattle Sports Firewater water bottle
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[leadin]Hydration and illumination meet in an unlikely hybrid product from Seattle Sports.[/leadin]

Seattle Sports Firewater water bottle

FireWater Multi-Bottle

Light up your tent, and then get a drink… the FireWater Multi-Bottle holds 700ml of water and has a rechargeable LED light in its cap. The light turns the bottle (full or empty) into a lantern with three settings and a max 100-lumen glow.

Why would you buy this? For $27.95, Seattle Sports has a fun product that kids and grownups might love. Both functions — illumination and hydration — are valid for use camping, at picnics, or sleepovers. It provides enough light to read by or illuminate s’mores supplies.

The cap can be used separately as a flashlight. And the bottle, thanks to its silicone build, collapses into a space-saving bundle when drained.

Seattle sports lantern bottle

water bottle solar panelThe lantern can run for 5 hours on high (12 hours on low) between recharges. It has a standard micro-USB port for charging, and there’s a small solar panel on top to help top off the battery.

Set the bottle out in the sun and let the solar panel do its work. Or, better yet, put it in an external backpack pocket as your water bottle and let it charge during your daytime hikes so you’ll be at full-bars when you get back to camp.

The company cites approximately 8 hours of partly-cloudy “Seattle Summer Sunlight” to go from empty to a full charge. In direct sun it’ll recharge quicker.

Seattle Sports water bottle

If used when cooking nighttime dinners at camp, the lantern can shed light on your stove and its water storage can keep you from having to bring a separate bottle to the table.

One caveat: Its silicone outer may cause friction when stuffing the FireWater bottle in a backpack pocket. It’s a grippy material that can pick up dirt and dust, too, but should clean easily with a quick rinse.

Handy Glowstick

In addition to the bottle, Seattle Sports recently released its Glostick USB, a water-resistant flashlight and glowstick. It charges via USB and can run for 3 hours on its brightest LED setting.

The Glostick comes with a lanyard to wear around camp or on a nighttime walk, paddle, or bike ride. Put it on your dog to keep track of it at night, too.

seattle sports glostick

Both the Multi-Bottle and the Glostick can be hung as a lantern from their integrated loops, allowing them to light up the inside of a tent or a campground’s dinner table.

seattle sports glostick USB

The Multi-Bottle sells for $27.95 (blue, green, and white colors) and the Glostick USB is $17.95 (blue, green, & red colors).

Seattle Sports doesn’t currently do direct to consumer sales, but there are a lot of participating dealers (including REI) where you can pick these up.

– This post was sponsored by Seattle Sports (Instagram: @seattlesportsco; Twitter @SeattleSportsCo).

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