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Light, Warm, Fairly Priced: Klymit Sleeping Pad Hits Marks

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Sleeping pads are possibly the most under-rated piece of gear in the outdoors; they are critically important, but often an after-thought purchase. After testing the Klymit Insulated Static V Lite for three months, I’ve found it a solid performer at a modest price.

klymit static v lite sleeping pad

Outside my tent was full blown winter, with blowing snow and temps around zero. I curled into a zero-degree sleeping bag, with the Insulated Static V Lite serving as the only buffer between myself and the frigid snow below. I closed my eyes and fell fast asleep, waking only when the gusts made the tent shudder.

It may have been frosty outside, but on this pad, I was warm enough to sleep.

klymit static v lite review

Over the spring, I tested this pad on icy cold nights, and more temperate conditions. I’ve carried it in my pack for several long days, and crashed on it afterward on rocky ground. It’s provided a comfortable bed night after night.

Klymit’s Insulated Static V Lite hits the most important check marks for a sleeping pad. It is comfortable. It insulates the user from the ground. It is compact and light to carry. It is moderately priced; at $95, the brand calls it the “lightest and warmest sleeping pad on the market for under $100.”

Best Sleeping Pad Under $100?

I haven’t slept on every pad on the market, but this one is darned good, especially for the price.


The Insulated Static V Lite weighs in at 19 ounces. That’s light given the amount of insulation in this pad coupled with price. Its R-Value of 4.4 is enough for cold weather, although I did feel a chill creep in a little at zero degrees.

Many lighter pads exist, but I’d be very slow to trust them in frigid winter weather. The Static V Lite kept me warm enough to sleep down to zero degrees.

It packs down to 5″ x 9″, which is about the size of a typical propane canister. This is certainly not the smallest on the market, but again, it’s reasonable, and when coupled with price and warmth, a very good size indeed.

Klymit Insulated Static V Lite Review

Made of 30-denier nylon, the Static V Lite unrolls to reveal a thin, folded fabric pad. It has a small nozzle that pulls to open, or pushes to shut.

klymit static v lite inflation

Popping open the nozzle and breathing hard, it took me about 30 seconds to inflate the pad — pretty quick, and not at all difficult. The nozzle shuts with a click, and seems secure.

Laid out, the pad covers an area of 72″ x 23″ x 2.5″ and felt a little wider than other pads I’ve used lately. It has a ribbed center, with a change in texture around the edges. This seems to help keep you centered a little on the mat, and I’ve not found myself falling off in the middle of the night.

I’m 5’8″ and 160 pounds – this pad is larger than I need and should suffice for folks to six feet tall or a little more.

The pad does a good job of cushioning the ground. I have slept on some hard surfaces mixed with rock, and haven’t noticed any hard spots under my body.

klymit static v lite

Stowing the pad requires it to be folded a couple times before rolling. It’s not too tough, but does take a little time and might need two attempts to get it deflated, and then rolled nicely. The storage bag is larger than needed, which is nice and doesn’t require a perfect roll to work.

The pad comes with a repair kit in a pocket on the storage bag, an important addition for a pad intended for cold weather use.

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Overall, this isn’t the warmest sleeping pad I’ve used. Nor is it the most comfortable, nor lightest. But it hits a really great middle-of-the-road point combining price, comfort, and utility to be one of the best values you can find.

If you plan to use a sleeping pad in myriad conditions and want it to be light enough to carry on your back, this is one to consider. For $95, you’ll be sleeping well.

Klymit Insulated Static V Lite Sleeping Pad Specs

  • Weight: 19.6 oz / 556 g
  • Dimensions: 72″ x 23″ x 2.5″ / 183 cm x 58.4 cm x 6.5 cm
  • R-Value: 4.4
  • Pack Size: 5″ x 8″ / 12.7 cm x 20.3 cm
  • Fabric: 30D Polyester
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Price: $95

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