M2C Innovation Ltd Qube: connected camping tents

Qube Tents For Modular Camping

A new kind of shelter system lets you camp alone, or ‘hook up’ via connectable corners that create a multi-room tent village.

M2C Innovation Ltd Qube: connected camping tents

In 2011, M2C Innovation Ltd launched its interconnecting POD tents. GearJunkie covered the original launch, intriguing readers with the unorthodox design.

This month, the Cambridgeshire, England, company launches a new interconnecting tent. It’s called the Qube Tent, and the model comes in two-, three-, and four-person sizes.

M2C Innovation Ltd Qube: connected camping tents

They set up untraditionally via internal poles that unfold and pop the square shelter into shape.

Set one up, and then an adjacent Qube can connect. They fit together at the corners. Inside, campers can walk between the rooms.

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One of three models, the Qube 2-Man Tent sells for $450. It’s made of a heavy-duty 300-denier nylon and is PU-coated to be waterproof.

It weighs about 33 pounds, so don’t plan on carrying it in a backpack. Black-lined material blocks out light inside. Windows open for light, and they also have a built-in ventilation system to keep things cool. The tents com in 5 colors (Black, Blue, Green, Orange and Red) so you can get creative in your pod village setup or easily remember which tent is yours late at night.

The company states that it’s a quick pitching tent ( under 2 minutes). They also claim that you can stand up in the tents across the entire range from the 2 person to the 4 person, and they’re as easy to  pack down as they are to set up so you won’t need to be an expert in Origami to get it back in the bag.

This product aims at the festival-going crew or car-camping family that wants a little privacy between “rooms.” Plunk it near your parking spot, set up some tables and a fire pit, and let a weekend of good times roll around your mini-village.

M2C Innovation Ltd Qube: connected camping tents

In addition to the modular tents, Qube now offers accessories like a portable shower, solar panel with battery pack, and an LED light strip.

See the full range of Qube tents at M2C Innovation’s site. The company is running an Indiegogo campaign now to raise funds and sell the modular experience to the world.

Qube Tent Pricing

  • 2-Person Qube Tent Price – $450
  • 3-Person Qube Tent Price – $488
  • 4-Person Qube Tent Price – $522