MSR FreeLite 2

MSR’s Lightest Freestanding 2-Person Tent Is 50% Off

For just $220, it’s hard not to pull the trigger on the MSR FreeLite 2 — a very light and versatile two-person tent.

Mountain Safety Research (MSR) makes high-quality tents for serious backpackers and mountaineers. We’ve used the brand’s stoves for decades and have reviewed a number of its tents. The FreeLite 2 is the brand’s lightest freestanding, three-season tent in its lineup.

But the problem is the gear costs a fortune. High-quality (and often ultralight) gear is expensive. That’s why this sale is a bargain.

With an MSRP of $440, the FreeLite 2 is usually expensive. But this sale bumps it down to $220. For backcountry adventurers, it’s a solid choice if you value floor space without the weight.

MSR FreeLite

There’s plenty of room for two people, bags, and pads. Plus, it has two big doors for easy escape. And despite its spacious layout, the MSR FreeLite 2 weighs just 2 pounds 7 ounces alone, or about 3 pounds when stowed with its rainfly.

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Julie Kailus

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