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Tentsile Launches Insulated Hanging ‘Cabin’ for Cool-Weather Camping

Tentsile Insulated Cabin; (Photo/Tentsile)Tentsile Insulated Cabin; (photo/Tentsile)
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The Tentsile tree tent is now winter camping capable, with the brand’s Insulated Cabin conversion kit.

The biggest barrier to winter tent-camping is the cold. Maybe that’s an obvious statement. But truly, without a multiseason tent, or one that’s designed specifically for cooler weather, sleeping outside on the ground from December to March is a painful endeavor.

Tesntsile, the brand known for hammock-style tree-tents that allow people to camp suspended off the ground, recognized this. This month, Tentsile announced its Insulated Cabin Upgrade Pack. It allows users to turn their tree tent into a cozy little lodge.

By adding a layer of 200g/sqm hollow-fiber polyester finished in a soft layer of breathable fabric, Tentsile made it possible to use its tents in cold weather.

Tentsile Stingray without the rain fly
Tentsile Stingray without the rainfly; (photo/Tentsile)

The Tentsile Insulated Cabin Upgrade Pack

Tentsile will release two versions of the Insulated Cabin. Both attach to one of its three-person Tentsile tents (sold separately), like the Stingray ($849).

If you don’t already have one of those, you should start there.

Tentsile Insulated Cabin puts a spin on winter camping; (Photo/Tentsile)

Once you’ve acquired that first piece, it’s time to decide between Tentsile’s two insulated configurations: Ground or Classic.

The Ground Conversion Kit ($1,070) fixes to the bottom of your Tentsile three-person. The tent itself is a room at the top, suspended between trees, and the insulated cabin provides a “bottom floor.”

Tentsile Insulated Cabin puts a spin on winter camping; (Photo/Tentsile)

The waterproof base that comes with the Ground Conversion Kit is designed for storage, or as a spot to hang out before you retire “upstairs” to the sleeping quarters (your Tentsile tent).

This version sleeps three, according to the product description.

Tentsile Insulated Cabin puts a spin on winter camping; (Photo/Tentsile)

If you’re looking for a little more sleeping room, and a “fully suspended experience,” you should check out the Classic Cabin upgrade ($1,280).

This version doesn’t touch the ground at all. Instead, it uses a Trillium Fabric Hammock that, just like the tent, hangs suspended from three anchor points.

The Tentsile Insulated Cabin sets on top of that and on top of it goes your Tentsile tent. The double-story style bumps the sleeping capacity of your tent to six.

Tentsile Insulated Cabin puts a spin on winter camping; (Photo/Tentsile)

In either model, the Cabin itself is outfitted with three large windows with closing zippers. Each window has a fine mesh screen.

There are also three points of access: a hatch in the floor, a hatch in the ceiling, and a door on one corner. Within the Tentsile Insulated Cabin, you’ll find internal pockets in the insulated walls as well as loft loops to hang things from.


  • Price: Cabin only – $999; Ground Conversion Kit – $1,070; Classic Conversion Kit – $1,280
  • Weight: 28.6 lbs.
  • Size: 13.5′ x 13.5′ x 13.5′
  • Height: 3.9′
  • Fabric: 40D polyester, breathable fabric
  • Insulation: 200g/sqm hollow-fiber polyester
  • Packdown size: 29′ x 27′ x 12′

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