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First Look: Ticla Car Camping Kit

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My husband and I have been road tripping for the last two weeks. We started with the U.S. Mountain Bike Nationals race in Sun Valley, Idaho, and we ended with the Telluride Yoga Festival where we taught Slackline Yoga and AcroYoga classes.

In between, we headed into the mountains and climbed, slack-lined, high-lined, mountain biked, and camped each night. We brought along our Ticla car camping kit.

We usually go light, even car camping, so we were a bit skeptical as we loaded the sizable pads and sleeping bags into the car before leaving home. We had no idea what we were in for until our first night of sleep — it was like nothing we have ever experienced before!

Below is our first look at this stylish and comfortable car camping kit. —Chelsey Magness

The Gear: The TeaHouse 2 Tent, Rambler Sleeping Bags, and Tsubo Sleeping Pad.

Price: Teahouse2: $300; Rambler 15/25: $130; Tsubo Sleeping Pad: $90

Made in: China

Where to test it: Car camping

Who’s it for: This is a car camper’s dream kit. Adventurists who like a home away from home. Festival-goers who want to stand out.

First Impressions: The setup and take down is the simplest and fastest I’ve ever encountered. All of it can be stuffed into bags fast. Say goodbye to the dread of stuffing your pad/sleeping bag into an undersize compression sack.

The whole setup — tent, bag and pads — are all hip-looking. It has just the right amount of flair, while not being too obnoxious. Upon lying down in our tent, we were pleasantly surprised by how spacious and clear it was. (Our friend’s dog even ran into the screen thinking that the door was open!) Our pads were so comfortable we could have been on a bed of lava rocks underneath and we wouldn’t have felt a thing. The sleeping bag liner feels even better than the linens on our bed at home.

Important Specs: Tent weight: 9 pounds 4 ounces. Floor: 36.25 square feet. One door, four windows. Tent also comes in a three-person size.

Tusbo Sleeping pad — comes in two sizes, M and L. Medium Dimensions: 70” x 25” x 2.5”, Weight: 4.75 pounds. Large Dimensions: 78” x 25” x 2.5”, weight 4.95 pounds.

Rambler Sleeping bag — comes in 4 sizes: S, M, L and XL. Small = 3lbs 6 oz; Medium = 3lbs 12oz; Large = 4lbs 2oz; Extra Large 4lbs 6oz. Style: Roomy rectangle. Shell: 40 D Nylon. Insulation: Hollow Core Synthetic Insulation. Liner: 100% Polyester.

The bag has a clever system for variable temperature ranges. One side has more insulation than the other. On warm nights, sleep with the turquoise tent icon on top for minimal insulation. On cool nights, flip it over and sleep with the orange tent icon on top and the bag is warmer.

Killer! One of Ticla’s main selling points is the G.O.O.D (Get out of Dodge System) — the whole set up and tear down of our entire campsite takes all of five minutes! We really enjoyed stuffing our pad, sleeping bag, book, headlamp and even PJs into the same bag.

The system makes setup so easy because it’s a two pole tent with four big stakes that are easy to pound into the ground. The directions come on the side of the bag and are simple to follow. Tear down is even easier, as the tent fits into a reasonable sized bag. The bag and pad both fit into a large sack with extra room for a book, pillow and headlamp.

Being able to go play hard all day and then come back and chill in and around our tent was way better than staying in a stuffy hotel room. The Teahouse Tent has great ventilation and the sleeping bags have two sleep settings depending on which side is up, so it is great for both warm summer trips and cooler temps of fall and spring. Furthermore, the two-person tent is BIG, with ample space for even two sizable adults.

Flaw: This whole setup is made for car camping, therefore the size and weight of everything is bigger and heavier than the normal camping gear we use. Be prepared for it to take up some space in the car. This is not intended for backpacking or the minimalist, ultra-light person.

Who should buy it: Car campers who appreciate quality and flair. Ideal for outdoorsy families, adventure couples or even festival goers who love to be closer to nature but don’t need to hike far.

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