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The $600 Winter Hammock Experience

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[leadin]Hammocks have roots in equatorial regions and traditionally are used only in summer months. Eagles Nest Outfitters hopes to change that equation with its new Blaze “under-quilt” and Ignitor “top-quilt.”[/leadin]

The Blaze and Ignitor turn your hammock into a warm cocoon in the winter

In short, the down-stuffed pieces work. We tested it this month. You can stay warm in freezing temps in this setup.

Caveat: It’s going to cost you. Together this winter hammock setup will cost about $600, including $300 for the Blaze and $230 for the Ignitor plus around $60 for the hammock.

The Ignitor’s shape is tapered to fit your body

I tested it last week in Minnesota where spring temps still sit around freezing. Crawling into the hammock it felt like I was in a cocoon. The down-insulated covering above and below me was warm even as brisk winds whirled outside.

The top- and bottom-quilts are sold individually but they work well as a team. The Blaze weighs in at 24 ounces. The down-filled quilt fits snugly underneath the hammock and keeps cold air from seeping through.

It attaches easily to a suspended hammock by adaptable shock cords that hook on to the hammock systems’ carabiners.

Ignitor under-quilt

Once inside, pull up the Ignitor to seal in your body heat. This 23-ounce, down-filled quilt is rated to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. It eliminates the ill fit and the struggle of getting in and out of a sleeping bag while in a hammock.

In the end, the hammock add-ons did what they promised, keeping me warm on a winter night. They cost a lot, but when compared to a high-end sleeping bag of similar quality the pricey hammock pieces might be worth it if you want to sleep suspended all year long.

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