Watch: How Honnold Trained Before El Cap Speed Record

Tackling The Nose in under two hours required extreme focus, coordination, and a whole lot of finger training.

Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold’s speed ascent of The Nose still has our heads spinning.

It turns out Honnold — a veritable real-world Spider-Man — put in serious training time over the winter and spring with Jonathan Siegrist. His goal: Crimp like a boss!

Watch Honnold endure painstaking finger-strengthing exercises and some forearm-screaming ascents. And check out our interview with Honnold on what it took to capture The Nose speed record.

Alex Honnold free solo
Fueling a Record: How Honnold Prepped for 'The Nose'
After a recent speed record up an iconic Yosemite wall, climber Alex Honnold tells us about the nutrition, techniques, and training that made it possible. Read more…